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After all, we believe Anything is Makable.

Our customers are looking for handcrafted pieces but more than that

they want goods that make a statement about who they are.

They come to Helps Homestead looking for unique, quality products. Some have an idea and they want us to make it, others are hoping to buy handcrafted goods, and some are looking for a way to make something themselves. But no matter what they are looking for we show up with a “Hell yeah it’s makable” attitude.

Whether we’re creating a custom sign, leading a workshop, or showing someone around the Homestead, we make every interaction feel personal, light-hearted, and genuine. 

Our goal is to have everyone walk away feeling good about themselves.

Honeycomb green-01_edited.png
Honeycomb green-01_edited.png

We are here to make your home a lot more you,


that speak uniquely to you!

Here’s to damn unique homes.

May we have them. May we create them.

1D0A9063_websize.jpg (1067×1600).jpg
custom kitchen island table.jpg
20201129_135717 (1).jpg


Client Photos

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