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The handcrafted wooden pillars are handspun on our lathe, making each one totally unique!  Have a mantle that needs some love?  Adding different toppers for the seasons and holidays is a great way to keep your space updated.  Or you can use it like your traditional candleholder.


There are 3.5", 2.5" and 1.5" wide bases and heights from 10"-18". Our regular stains are Early American, Specialized Walnut, or Jacobean. But can be customized to fit just right with your home decor! Just ask us about anything you can dream up and we are happy to chat about it!


Package Options

Classic - 5 pieces total, 1 of each, 15"h, 3.5" base: 10", 3.5" b
Bold - 3 pieces total, all 3.5" bases: 14"h, 12"h, 10"h
Single 3.5" base (10"-17.5"h)
Single 2.5" base (10"-17.5"h)
Single 1.5" base (10"-17.5"h)

Custom package - please contact to inquire about creating a custom package.

Handspun Pillars

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