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Making people feel

Supported. Seen. Confident.

Happy. Inspired. Connected.

Is what we do.

Do you have an idea of something you want for your home but can’t find it anywhere? Do you ever wish you knew someone who could help you make it or save you the time and simply make it for you? Have you bought something in the past that was just what you wanted but the price and quality didn’t match up?

We’ve BEEN THERE! When I couldn’t find the exact sign I was looking for, I decided I’d just make it. That sign turned into macrame plant hangers and earrings, and candlestick holders, and before I knew it friends and family were asking if I could make items for them and their homes.

Today, I - with my husband as my always on-call sidekick - run Helps Homestead where we craft one-of-a-kind products, offer DIY workshops, run our Makers Studio, and create handcrafted, homestead-grown items to help make your home and life unmistakably you.

You can have crafted.

Or you can have crafts.

It’s your house.


You've come to the right place for the love of handcrafted!

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